Update from the President

I trust that all are healthy and no one has contracted Covid. It has been a very trying time for all of us. I want to be perfectly clear, that the reason that we haven’t had any meeting since Feb. 2020, is because of caution and consideration for the safety and well being of all of our members. I have not stopped working for the RGC on a weekly basis as well as others in our administration. There have been many improvements made even though meeting have ceased. Mark my word, the state of our affairs is in sound condition and we are on tract to be able to pay off the purchase that we made in due time. My vision is to at some point purchase the upper property that is the rock pit to put in a skeet /trap shotgun range. The city is not yet ready to release it yet, but they know we are interested.

On the lighter side, I hope that those of you that are able to manage the cold and snow, have been able to get some shooting in as weather permitted. We all need to vent and shooting is a great way to do just that. I know that I need to go to AA and Weight Watchers as soon as this pandemic is over. Not sure which one to go to first.

On a personal note, my immune system is compromised because of Leukemia. I do not take chances in crowds at all, per my oncologist. If i get it, I die. I have had several members accost me and wanted to have a meeting. I understand that we do need to have one, but not now. Our club is a shooting club and not a meeting club. I have not been diligent with updates on the club web site, that’s my bad. I apologize for that.& will try to do better.

March 31, 2021 at 12:00 midnight due will be considered on time. After 12:01AM, will have an openings for membership. The gate code will change the next day at some point and all paid members will be notified of the new code. You can pay by mailing your check into PO Box 915, Rogers, Ar. 72756 or pay on our website. Make sure you get your payments in on time. I hope you see you all in good health and ready to shoot a match. Until then, take care of yourself & others.

3 thoughts on “Update from the President”

  1. Hello everybody. I hope that everyone is doing well and is safe and healthy. The covid virus is still rearing it’s ugly head, so that being said, I don’t feel comfortable having a “get together” meeting until this virus is finished and everyone has gotten a vaccine before coming to a meeting. I have had several of my close friends and their family members die from this because they did not see the need in getting the shot. Dying is not an option for me and I feel it’s not for you either. We can stay in contact by phone and email until the coast is clear.
    I will try to send out something on a regular basis. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and don’t get too hot in this weather.

  2. I talked with Paul last year or longer to be added to the waiting list. I have not heard from anyone and do not know where to go to see how that is progressing. I have tried using the email address in the membership part of this page and they keep bouncing back.

  3. I emailed over well over a year ago to get on the waiting list. Have not heard anything as of yet. Was wondering just exactly what or how long it takes to join.

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