We an NRA sanctioned range and are striving to be the best outdoor range in NW Arkansas by upgrading for new styles of shooting sports. We supply the base and side 1×2’s for the shooting stands along with cardboard to fix your targets onto, or if you have a stand that you like, you can bring that with you. We don’t allow metal shooting stands due to possible ricochets. Last year, we added 5 pistol bays to pull the pistol shooters off the long gun range for more room for both. Now with the pistol bays, we can add several types of shooter styles and no longer allow pistols on the long gun range unless the are scoped for long range shooting. We don’t allow shooting at objects on the ground in our long gun area unless your target is at the berm to stop the bullets. We ask the shooters to allow a second between shots as we want accurate shots. We don’t allow bump-fire type apparatuses our fully automatic weapons on our range. Sorry, no exceptions. If caught doing so, the member will be terminated immediately with no compensation of dues.

Pistol Shooting

With 5 new bays, we not only allow the average pistol shooting, but we can accommodate competition shooting styles like IDPA, IPSEC, and other categories for competition. We can even do some 3 gun shooting as well because we can now use shotguns at the pistol bays as well. Yardage for the bays are roughly 30-35 yards.

Rifle Range

We have 10 shooting concrete/wooden shooting rests to accommodate an array of rifle shooting styles. From .22 to 50 caliber, there are several shooting locations to pick from. Shooting rests 1-5 are for more close range shooting for the smaller bores and scoped pistols and 6-10 are for the longer shots. Our rifle range goes from 15 yards out to 200 yards.


We can allow shotgunning in our pistol bay locations for now until we can add a place specifically for shotguns.