From the President

Good morning everyone. I know all of you are anxious to have a meeting, but because we are being very cautious for the time being. I hope all of you understand that this is a serious issue and we need to be diligetheticnt in this matter. A meeting is important, but risking someone’s health is not worth it. We will have a meeting as soon as we are safe to do so.

I think we need to have a work day at the range to clean up the bays, weed eat the road, bays and rifle range to make it a little more useful and aesthetic for your shooting pleasure. I think a good date would be this Saturday, Sept. 13 at 8:30am. If you can make it, please gloves, bring chain saws, weed eaters, speaders for tick killer grauales, sprayers for round up etc. I will buy tick and round up for the task at hand.

Please pass this on and text me is you or someone you know will be able to make it. I need a head count for donuts, breakfast of Champions! : ) My number is 479-685-6675. See you there. Make it a great day and remember to check on those that aren’t as mobile as you. We all could use a helping hand from time to time.

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    I ordered more than I needed in order to minimize hazmat. Text me at 479-372-2984 if your interested. I need primers and would definitely trade for fresh primers.

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