Our Approach

To make the Rogers Gun Club a safe and fun atmosphere for the whole family. From young to old, we strive to be the best gun club in NW Arkansas. We are innovative and desire to bring the shooting sport to the forefront and equip our members with the supplies and areas they need to better help their skills in the areas they are interested in. From simply sighting in your rifle for deer season, to the competition shooter that shoots every day, we want our members to have what they need to excel.

Our Story

35 years ago, the Rogers Gun Club started, changing life on Earth, forever! The news spread rapidly, and has now evolved into what we are today! Members are entitled to use the club facilities 365 days a year during daylight hours. A member’s spouse, dependents, and guests are welcome when accompanied by the member if you hold a family membership. RGC is governed by a Board of Directors and club officers who are elected by the members to serve each year. The directors and club officers comprise the Executive Board. The club is operated entirely by volunteers – there is no paid staff.

Meet the RGC
Board of Directors

We are committed to run RGC to its best potential!

Randy Ross – President


Phillip Toto – Vice President


Braden Yoakum – Treasurer


Trace Veteto – Secretary


Paul Garrett – Range Master


Scott Bliss – Facilities


David Powell – Records